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Our Story

We believe in authentic human connections.

As a young child in the 70’s I remember my grandmother Inge spending months every year visiting places off the beaten track in Australia and overseas. Inge was an avid explorer, a pioneer, a lover of all things local. She used to tell me, back then the only way to find somewhere to stay was to call and speak to someone. It involved a connection between two people, the traveler and the host providing accommodation. Getting that ‘feel good’ about a place was essential before committing.

To Inge, there was nothing more enjoyable than arriving somewhere you felt welcome, having an immediate connection, knowing your hosts were expecting you. It was like having extended family & friends, especially where in places she came back and visited time after time. Travelling was much more than staying somewhere. It was about immersing yourself within the community. It was getting to know the people who lived there, their way of life. It was about people, places and experiences.

My beautiful grandmother always said:

Trisha – you must travel where your heart takes you. Feel the place, meet the people, connect and experience everything there is to offer. Take photos, make memories, leave only footprints.

Times have changed. We’ve become a world obsessed with convenience and having it now. Where travel is booked online, with large face-less sites, telling you where to stay, quick to take your money, but they lack one thing. Human connection.

Trisha Fulton, Short Stay Directory

Visit Australia, Stay Local.
Find it here in the Short Stay Directory

We believe in authentic human connections. Making people, places and experiences count.
Helping you discover new places and re-discovering your favorite destinations to stay

A Few Kind Words

from happy clients.

My husband & I are the owners of two properties and decided to list these with

Trisha Fulton, Founder Short Stay Directory. Trisha prides herself on effective communication and partnerships with her clients and she is diligent, committed and assuming of high standards. Trisha’s focus is on the needs of her clients and this leads her to explore options and opportunities that may better cater in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, from within and beyond her company. This attribute provides increased value and ability and the fact that Trisha adds her personal touch is reflective of her warm and caring nature.

Congratulations Trisha on offering a First Class Service.

I gave this 5 out of 5! Wow, I didn't realize how good the master class event would be. I would have paid more for this. What was the most useful section? All of it.

Existing host with multiple properties. 5 Stars. Feedback: The information presented at the master class was very concise and covering all the important steps to begin your own listing. Excellent, keep it up! The best section for me was the council and legal area, I didn't realize how important it was.

We learned a few new tips today at the masterclass we can use for our property portfolio. My owners will be happy with the suggestions on how they can save money on their cleaning costs and the contacts Trisha shared. She’s such a sincere person, I’m happy to recommend her to anyone wanting to leverage her knowledge.

My friends are hosts their properties are doing pretty good. They invited me to join them at the state library for a presentation about getting your property promoted online. Trisha was the presenter – the info she gave was super helpful, even my friend Tanya was impressed. She’s just changed her listings using Trisha’s formula! When I get my property, I’m going to use the Short Stay Directory to promote it and follow the program she sets.

We’ve got multiple properties in Margaret River and the South West, been hosting 25+ years. Quite impressed with some of the suggestions Trisha gave us to improve our SEO. Bookings had dropped off, so we thought we’d give it a go. Once we made the changes, our quietest property went from 20% occupancy to 50%+ in a short period. She tells us that’s the magic of SEO… We’re very happy with the results.

We had a big property near the city. We weren’t sure if it would be suitable for Short Stay. Trisha put together a marketing package – promoted it online for 3 days and received $24,000 in bookings for 16 nights of accommodation, with more people wanting it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was proof enough to kick it off. Very powerful and professional. 5 Stars.

I tried to hire Trisha, not once, twice but three times to set up short stay in my real estate agency business. She’s that good. Her gracious response was, “but Dean if I work for you I can only help 100 people. If I work for myself I can help by teaching more than 100,000 people – that makes it a better place for everyone, including you”. I mean with that kind of response, who could say no! Although I do keep trying, she’s really something special and knows here short stay. I’d say she lives it with a passion. I’m still here in case you change your mind Trisha….

Well done to Trisha and her team at Short Stay Directory. This is someone who really knows what she’s doing when it comes to getting your property noticed (and fully booked). A seasoned professional with more than 20 years’ property experience, Trisha is known as the queen bee of holiday rentals. Working quietly behind the scenes you can be sure she’s connecting all the right people in all the right places to get the results we want. Give this a go, you can’t go wrong. I reckon it’s going to be bigger and better than Stayz or Airbnb!

When it comes to marketing short stay properties there’s not much that Trisha doesn’t know. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with her and watched properties she’s carefully curated become successes with near booked out calendars and dollars coming in the door.

We’ve been hosting more than 30 years. We thought we’d seen it all, that’s until we stopped getting bookings. I called Trisha at Short Stay Directory, she gave me honest feedback on my listings and now things are turning around. I’ve just listed my four properties with Short Stay Directory. I can’t wait for it to take off, so I can stop paying commissions and turn off my Airbnb and Stayz listings! Good Work Trisha.

I found being hosting hard work until I met Trisha and her team. Now I’ve got all the tools I need, and I can’t wait to see my listing online at the Short Stay Directory.

The (Short Stay Academy) Toolkit contains so many money-making and time-saving tips that I wish I had bought it sooner! After receiving my package, I immediately started using one of the templates from the manual and started saving an hour of cleaning with every guest change-over. Chapter two saved me from being fined $40,000 by my local council! After following the advice about obtaining a quantity surveyor report I received an extra $3000 in my tax return! Overall, the Toolkit has repaid me more than ten times its original cost and ensured I get a 5-star review with EVERY guest!

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