How It Works

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    Join the community, create, publish and promote

    Whether you’re a host with 1 or 250 listings, it’s easy to create, publish and promote with us. We’ll show you how. Get access to the Short Stay Academy tools, templates and tips to make your listing stand out.

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    Integrate with existing sites and booking engines

    Short Stay Directory drives more traffic to your site and existing listings to create a powerful and broad network across multiple sites. You can add links to your Short Stay Directory listing to enhance your digital marketing and attract more travellers to your property.

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    Connect with travellers and take back full control

    As a directory site, we’re a bit like a travel match-maker. We connect you directly with travellers looking for accommodation and you take it from there – however suits your business best.

    Short Stay Directory gives you flexibility to decide how you want to take your guests enquiries and bookings. Whether it’s redirecting them to your existing website or to another online booking engine like Airbnb or letting the traveller contact you via phone or email so you can discuss their needs directly.
    It’s totally up to you.

Advertise With Us & Save

Becoming a Short Stay Directory member, means you’ll unlock a range of benefits, including create
and manage your listings online, deal directly with guests and pay zero commissions or booking fees.

Too often we talk to hosts frustrated at the amount of time and money they are paying out to the “big guys” and barely getting support, promotion or training in return.

Even worse, these sites hide your contact information, so potential guests can’t contact you or find you any other way. Some will even penalise your listing for not meeting their exact rules, and your listing magically disappears not to be found at all!

As advocates for the short stay and holiday rental industry, as well as spending the last 5 years teaching hosts how to improve their short stay accommodation listings. We get you.

We understand how much those commission statements sting and leave you wondering what you’re getting for your money and is it worth it? And let’s not get started on the money pit of expensive pay per click advertising! Yes, sure, you can sometimes get results, but is the time, effort, stress, depleted bank account what you want?

A New Way to Promote Short Stay

As hosts ourselves, we too were frustrated with all the fees, charges and lack of support. So, we decided to do something about it.

To give hosts like you a true alternative.

To create a new way for you to get more bookings, where you can make a real connection with your guests.

To truly showcase your property to the world, the way it deserves to be shown.

And to keep things as simple AND as profitable for you as possible.

We Started With an Idea and 6 Goals

Because, all this simply adds up to a better experience for everyone.

Zero Commissions

Zero Commissions

Guests don’t want to pay fees and you don’t either! We work on a no surprise policy and got rid of drowning fees and commissions. A single annual listing fee keeps things simple for everyone.

Full Listing Control

Full Listing Control

You choose how you manage your guests and your listing. Respond in your timeframe, accept the bookings you want. It’s your property, so your rules. We make the introduction and you take it from there.

Support Local Community

Support Local Community

Short Stay Directory is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated – no overseas call centres here! Supporting the short stay and holiday rental community, helps keep jobs local.

Authentic Human Connection

Authentic Human Connection

Travellers often feel like just another booking number on a big site and hosts miss out on the opportunity to make a connection with their guests. We help you keep it personal and give you the opportunity to shine and wow your guests.

Help And Support

Help and Support

Never feel alone again. You’ll get full support right through the onboarding process, plus all Short Stay Directory members get exclusive access to the Short Stay Academy, a complete course and guide to improving your listing.

Your Own Digital Footprint

Your own Digital Footprint

Not only do you get your own SEO optimised single page website, you can link to external listings, your site, email & social media. Our strong SEO, social media and influencer network is like having your own digital marketing agency working for you!

A Few Kind Words

When you list your property with Short Stay Directory – you’ll get so much more than just a listing



    We’d love to publish articles about your unique property or your region.

    Send us your article and reach even more potential visitors through our popular travel e-magazine – Visit Australia, Stay Local. We’ll even spread the word across our social media for even more exposure.



    You’ll get access to our exclusive host education portal. Everything you need to optimise your property listings. Including over 50 checklists, plus guides on photography, how to delight your guests, social media guides, increasing conversions and more! Normally this is $499, but every listing that joins the Short Stay Directory get this included free of charge.



    Well done you for signing up in March. You’re going to be an early adopter of this new way. That’s very special to us.

    You’re getting a head start in our directory, before anyone else. As we grow you’ll always be there, first and foremost our supporters and of course in our Christmas card list.

    From the bottom of my heart – thank you very much it means the world to our team and me.
    I’ll personally reach out to you and say hello, so we can get to know each other. Because, as my nana used to say; “my dear, all good relationships start with a hello”. Trisha, Founder Short Stay Directory.

  • MEDIA & PR


    Would you like to see your property showcased in the media? Due to our connections and industry reputation in January 2018, Channel 7 reached out to us. They want our help to find hosts with unique and interesting accommodation, to be featured on a new TV show, promoting Australian adventure travel.

    Imagine your holiday rental getting national and international TV coverage like that!



    • Social media package with 30+ posts you can use on your own socials as well.
    • Personal review of your listing and 30-minute coaching call from Short Stay Expert Trisha Fulton worth $149.
    • Additional exposure with editorials.
    • Your listing featured on the homepage!


    After you’ve completed your registration, you’ll receive an email confirming your subscription.

    The short stay directory site is almost ready for hosts to start building their listings. We expect to go live in April 2018. You’ll receive a notification email when it’s ready to go.

    At this time, you can create your very own listing. The email will contain your account and log in details, a link to the onboarding portal to ensure you get the most out of the listing. We have simplified the listing set-up to enable you to set up in under 30 minutes.

You can focus on building your business and keeping your customers and guests happy.

We’ll focus on SEO to drive traffic to your listing, introducing you to more potential guests – which means more bookings!

332,600+ searches last month for short stay accommodation in Australian capital cities alone

Be found quickly and easily in the Short Stay Directory

Standard Ad – Only $39 /month
Standard Ad – only $39 /month

Multi-media webpage to promote your listing, fully responsive on all devices

  • Promoted to travellers online
  • Photo gallery, contact form (email, website, phone)
  • Publish an article in Travel E-Magazine (Value $450)
  • Promote using social media, link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Promote using travel sites, link to your Airbnb,, Home-Away, Flip Key listings
  • Travellers book direct with you or a nominated platform
  • Zero booking fees and commissions book direct
  • 100% tax deductible for investment properties
  • Short Stay Academy (valued $499)
  • Onboarding support to create a fantastic listing
  • Invitations to meetups and online training sessions
  • Access to exclusive media and PR opportunities
  • Email support when you need help

Total value $1,418 save 67%
Unlimited categories

$468.00 / every year

Featured Ad – Only $69 /month
Featured Ad – only $69 /month

Everything in Standard Ad + Property Featured Ad 365 days

  • Full listing review and edit
  • Recommendations to improve your listing
  • Your property highlighted featured advert for 365 days

Total value $1,333 save 38%
Unlimited categories

$828.00 / every year

Premium Plus Ad – Only $99 /month
Premium Plus Ad – only $99 /month

Everything in Featured Ad + Maximum online exposure using Digital Marketing & Social Media program

  • 30-minute coaching call (value $149)
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Guide (value $299)
  • Research 2 targeted SEO keyword phrases (value $229)
  • 30 exclusive social media posts created for your property (value $450)
  • Your property featured in 30 social media posts (Facebook, Instagram + Twitter)
  • Use of 30 social media posts (as above)

Total value $2,545 save 47%
Unlimited categories

$1,188.00 / every year

Start Advertising

Click the Start Now and Select Your Preferred Ad Package

This is the start of Australia’s newest and most exciting venture, promoting the best of our local short stay properties and businesses. Short Stay Directory is the place where travellers and customers start their search and make connections.


  • Zero Commissions
  • NO additional fees or charges
  • No PPC costs
  • Zero website hosting, maintenance or domain costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Short Stay Directory is a database of Holiday Rentals, Short Stay Hosts and Businesses in Australia.

How Much Will I Save Using Short Stay Directory?

With one low flat rate for your annual listing, unlimited bookings and enquiries, ZERO commissions and NO sneaky additional fees – it’s easy to see how much you could save each month, by listing with Short Stay Directory!

Short Stay Directory:


*billed annually

What are the top 10 Features of a Standard Listing?

Easy to set up, on average most hosts complete it in under 30 minutes

  • User friendly instructions
  • No techy talk and no coding
  • Follow the prompts and away you go

Dedicated Web-Page ‘AKA Mini-Website’

  • Promote your property without the cost of hosting and maintaining a website. You’ll get a modern web-page to share with travellers, guests, suppliers, friends, family and on social media.
  • A web page works for your listing 24/7 to increase your digital footprint and help you reach more travellers and get more bookings.

Choose How You Want Guests to Contact You

  • Choose one or all options using built in contact form
  • Email, phone, enquiry box

Showcase Gallery of Stunning Images Easily

  • As you know, travellers love images – it’s 80% of what they look for before sending an enquiry
  • Upload an arrangement of images to showcase your properties unique features
  • Large widescreen images making your listing memorable

Host Profile with Photo

  • Add a professional profile about yourself or your agency
  • Share your experience and style of hosting
  • Add a profile photo for a personal touch with your web page

Connect Multiple Sites

  • Link to your primary website (if you have one)
  • Link to your mainstream sites or Trip Advisor reviews
  • Link to your preferred booking engine
  • Helps build your “SEO Juice”

Get Your Article Featured in Travel e-Magazine

  • E-Magazine Visit Australia, Stay Local
  • Promote an event or nearby feature
  • Promote your listing

Build Your Online Profile & Brand using Social Media

  • Connect your listing to your social media accounts
  • Promote online at a click of a button
  • Increase brand awareness

SEO Google Ranking

  • Google Pin to show your property locally
  • Build credibility online with your target market
  • Powerful SEO techniques to build your online profile and be found online

Community, Support & 24/7 Access Short Stay Academy

  • Checklists, training and guides, valued at $499
  • Onboarding support to help you create a fantastic listing
  • Invitations to attend meetups and online training sessions
  • Access to exclusive media and PR opportunities
  • Email support when you need help

What will I get with a Premium Listing?

Awesome value! If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the package for you.

Everything in the Standard Plan PLUS +

  • Home Page Feature for 30-Days (Value $199)
  • 24/7 Access to Short Stay Academy (Value $499)
  • Be at the top of search results in your category for 365 Days (Value $369)
  • Feature editorial promoted in our blog, plus Visit Australia, Stay Local Travel e-Magazine and online media value $249
  • Social Media Cross-promotion with over 30 exclusive posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Value $299)
  • We’ll give you the digital posts for you to use on your own social media 
  • personalised review of your listing by the Short Stay Directory team, to maximise your listing’s success (Value $149)
  • 30-minute coaching call with Short Stay expert Trisha Fulton, worth $149.
  • Use the coaching call to discuss your listing or any short stay questions you have. Coaching call to be used within the first 30 days of signing up.

Who is the Short Stay Directory for?

Travelers looking for accommodation.

  • Families, Solo, Couples, Groups, Business, Leisure, Sporting Events for all ages.

Professional Hosts offering short stay accommodation

  • Hosts, Short Stay Property Managers, Owner Operators, Caravan Hire & Parks, B&B

What types of properties can be found?

  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Rural Properties
  • Farm Stays
  • Glamping
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Motels & Roadhouses
  • Caravan & Holiday Parks

How Do I get My Property on the Home Page?

Your property is awesome, and it deserves attention – the home page can give you this. The home page is where premium listings are featured, it’s like having front row tickets to grabbing your guest’s attention.

A premium listing includes a 30-day home page feature and 365-day category feature.

Be prepared to watch your listing shine, get more impressions, enquiries and bookings.

Search results will show premium listings first. Time and time again, research has proven, guests prefer to find and book what they see first.

Tell me more about the Travel e-Magazine?

You can get even more potential visitors though Visit Australia, Stay Local, our online Travel e-Magazine

If you’re a member of Short Stay Directory, we welcome you to write and submit your own articles about your unique listing to be published. We’ll even spread the word across all our social media as well to give you even greater exposure!

You’re welcome to write about anything relevant to your listing or local area. Just tell your story, how you got started, why you’re offering short stay accommodation, what makes your property so special and unique. Our site visitors and readers love hearing these stories.

Don’t be shy in your article, it’s ok to gloat and be very proud of your property. Sell it! Think of it like some shameless self-promotion. Be sure to mix in some stunning photographs, or whatever bits of info you think will make your property stand out all on its own. The more reasons you can give potential guests to pick your place, the greater chance you’ll have of converting views to enquiries and bookings.

When your article is done (and it doesn’t have to be long!), we’ll help publish it both in our popular online e-magazine and promote it on social media to grab the attention of even more people who may want to stay in your place!

Do guests pay to use Short Stay Directory?

No fees, no charges. The website is completely free for guests and travellers.

What happens after I sign up?

After you’ve completed your registration, you’ll receive an email confirming your subscription.

The short stay directory site is almost ready for hosts to start building their listings. You’ll receive a notification email when it’s ready to go. At this time, you can create your very own listing. The email will contain your account and log in details, a link to the onboarding portal to ensure you get the most out of the listing.

We have simplified the listing set-up to enable you to set up in under 30 minutes.

Is everything covered in my annual plan?

Yes! Your listing goes for a full 365 days and we guarantee you won’t find hidden fees, commissions or sneaky advertising costs. There are no extra charges for hosting, pay per click advertising or anything else on Short Stay Directory. If you are on the standard plan, you may be given the opportunity to run an extra promotion for your listing, but you’ll get all the details upfront and can choose whether to participate.

How does the Short Stay Academy work?

When you decide to list with us and become an official Short Stay Directory Host, you’ll also get exclusive access to our Short Stay Academy. This will become your “secret” weapon to listing success to skyrocket your amount of bookings and overall profits! We’ll show you the exact steps we followed to achieve 90% + occupancy and top of page results for our properties. You’ll learn what makes listings stand out, how to get that ‘edge’ and stay ahead of the crowd.

The Short Stay Academy comes complete with the 8 Steps Toolkit, and other amazing tools and tips to make sure your listing looks great, run a successful short stay business, convert visitors to book with you, and of course, earn you even more money!

This is all part of the onboarding process when you join us. Never feel alone again.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising through multiple digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, video and content. The big sites don’t and won’t offer you digital marketing for your property listings because it takes a lot of work, time and investment (man-power).

But Why is Digital Marketing important for my listing?

Because when used effectively, digital marketing can generate more traffic, enquiries and bookings for your property. When used correctly, like we do here at Short Stay Directory, it will help make your listing the best it can be, promote a professional brand for your property and business.

We’ve discovered, the best results are using specific digital marketing techniques + authentic human connection, through personal contact.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, it’s what’s done to a website to improve rankings and where it turns up in the search results. The #1 ranking spot is Page 1.

How will good SEO help my property listing?

We help you use the power of online search engines to get you more targeted visitors!

Every single day millions upon millions of people get on online search engines looking for all kinds of information or to even shop. They also get onto search to look for places to stay while traveling. But for people to find your property, you want to make sure your directory listing is optimised, so it is getting seen and showing up high in the search engines above all the competition.

It’s being able to say to potential guests, just ‘Google me” and you’ll find me. We’ll show you how to set this up, so it works for you.

The good news is, when you put your listing on the Short Stay Directory, you’ll begin the process of boosting your online SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a natural way that gets you SEEN!

This means people who want exactly what you’re offering will find you, which will greatly increase the chance of you getting more bookings! MORE targeted online traffic = MORE bookings for you!

As your listing shoots up the search engine rankings, you’ll be getting FREE + ORGANIC traffic online from people who want what you’re offering. The longer you keep your listing active, the longer your rankings will rise! This means more bookings and more profits for you!

By taking the SEO hassles off your plate, you can focus on what you do best.

How Does Short Stay Directory Use SEO?

Here at the Short Stay Directory, we’re 100% committed to investing our own time and resources to make sure your listing has every opportunity to grow and flourish online.

We understand that we don’t succeed if you do, so that’s why we put all our efforts into getting your listings seen!

If you were to try and master SEO or even paid traffic ads for yourself online, it could easily cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month, hours, days and weeks of wasted time and effort, and a lot of headaches and frustration.  We’ve been there ourselves, having learned paid advertising like Google AdWords has limited ROI. The one thing it can guarantee is, it’s the fastest way to empty a bank account.

Proven Results – SEO Works

We’re taking what we’ve learnt through 5 years of research and practice and found the only way is to build ranking using SEO over time.  When you list with the Short Stay Directory, we’ll make everything easy for you and take care of all the hard work, so you can enjoy what you desire the most…and that’s getting your place booked directly with the people who want to stay in your place!

When you list your property on the Short Stay Directory, you can link to whatever page or website you wish. You’ll benefit by increasing your SEO ranking – industry term is SEO Juice. You see the way google calculates the ranking is based on many factors, a powerful one being your links. So, Link AWAY and start receiving enquiries and taking bookings DIRECTLY with potential guests, and never pay any other fees, commissions or other charges ever.

Can I keep my listings active on other sites?

Yes, sure thing. You can choose to advertise on the mainstream sites, however please be aware you’ll continue paying fees for bookings through that site.

Within your Short Stay Directory listing you can link your property to other sites including your own site for maximum online visibility.

How does it help local economy?

There are 3 ways your listing helps the local economy.
1: Short Stay Directory is 100% owned and operated. We re-invest into the community through various charities such as the Royal Flying Doctors and Guide Dogs Australia. Also, by hiring local people and through events and promotions to increase traveller spend at properties in Australia.

2: When you list in the Short Stay Directory you’re earning more money and getting back your freedom to choose where your money goes (and not to overseas sites that charge you fees and commissions).

3: Hosts earn more which means they can spend more locally – it’s about keeping jobs local and every bit helps.

How Travelers Use Google

Did you know there are 60,500 searches per month for “Accommodation Melbourne”. If you wanted to buy top spot on page #1, Google AdWords sells this at $5.85 per click. You’ll need deep pockets and a big budget of $11,793 per day, or $353,925 per month for pay per click advertising using Google AdWords. That’s enough to buy a small apartment in any Australian city!

We’ll show you how to harness the power of SEO, without the cost when you list with the Short Stay Directory.

2018 Events Calendar

Planning a trip during the school holidays or want to find out what events are on?
Click here to see more information.

Accommodation Brisbane
Cost per Click $4.57
Accommodation Sunshine Coast
Cost per Click $4.25
Accommodation Cairns
Cost per Click $4.90
Accommodation Sydney
Cost per Click $5.55
Accommodation Canberra
Cost per Click $5.32
Accommodation Melbourne
Cost per Click $5.85
Accommodation Perth
Cost per Click $4.97
Accommodation Adelaide
Cost per Click $5.17
Accommodation Darwin
Cost per Click $7.03